About Us

Our about us section is really all about you, not us. Sweet Epidemic was created by Northwestern University in Qatar journalism students to raise awareness about the growing problem of diabetes and obesity in Qatar. You’re just a click away from learning how these two deadly medical conditions are threatening the health and future of the country. Watch our videos, read our articles, look at our pictures and learn more for your own sake.

Be aware of the Sweet Epidemic in Qatar!

Website and content published on Feb. 15, 2012.

The Sweet Epidemic Team:

Website producers: Noora Al-Thani and Moza Al-Derham

Data and graphics producers: Elysia Windrum and Latifa Saad Alrumaihi

Writers: Jawaher Al-Naimi, Shaikha Al Thani and Sidra Ayub

Photographers: Muneera Al Buainain and Caitlin Sewell

Video producers: Salima Al Ismaili, Ismaeel Naar and Benazir Al-Munir Karim

Editor: Professor Christina M. Paschyn


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